Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Yoga on Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant Lancaster Ohio

Through out the year yoga classes are held on Mount Pleasant and often yogies come to soak in the view.
At times they have free classes on the mountain and below in the park. You can contact the Mount Pleasant Yoga Group HERE

Pearl Yoga Lancaster Ohio

Studio  750-785-4050

Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/pearlyogastudio

Photos https://www.facebook.com/pearlyogastudio/photos

Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Reiki, daily classes, teacher training certification & CEC's for teachers in need of continued education.

*  Some free classes at Rising Park and on top of Mount Pleasant  :)

Namaste Soulful Somerset

Namaste Soulful-Yoga by Karissa
Map 100 Public Square Somerset, OH 43783Website https://www.namastesoulful.com/
Photos  https://www.facebook.com/namastesoulful/photos

You can contact the Mount Pleasant Yoga Group HERE

Strong and Soulful Retreats Somerset

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/strongandsoulfulretreats

Webpage https://www.strongandsoulfulretreats.com/

Photos https://www.facebook.com/strongandsoulfulretreats/photos

Mount Pleasant Yoga Group HERE

Inner Wisdom Wellness Logan Ohio

Holistic services: Massage, Acupuncture, Yoga, Relaxation Training & Energy Healing.


Sports transition

In school so many have jumped, dove, fell ... practiced and worked so hard back in the day.
After school many will continue in different physical activities.

Some will drift to the dark side (couch) 

In about all the sports I have seen there is stretching and I see many active people practice yoga also.

If you miss the comradery hanging out with pals, check out the yoga groups in Lancaster Ohio.

They can start you out easy if you are out of shape and of course you will find those in diverse sports activities.  You can invite your pals or come alone. 

Oh yeah there are lots of free classes :)

mtpyoga.com  <>  Facebook Group

 Lancaster ohio, rising park, health, yoga, events calendar 

Wild Wilderness

Wild Wilderness
510 East Main Street Lancaster Ohio


Fierce Wellness Hot Yoga

376 Jefferson St, Pataskala, OH 43062

Facebook Information 

Ryaan at times can be found soaking in the view on Mount Pleasant. 

If you have a yoga event in Fairfield County or are interested in joining the Mount Pleasant Yoga group, here.

Annual Yoga Pow Wow

I take pictures at Rising Park and meet lots of people.. a couple yoga instructors 🙂

After talking to them I got the idea of creating a yoga website.

The idea .. creating a yoga alliance, promoting their events n the like.

In that idea, having an annual yoga pow wow at Rising Park, inviting other individuals and groups from surrounding counties.

Our fairgrounds are below Mount Pleasant. It is beautiful in the fall when the fair is going on. Lots of people come to photograph the fair after dark.

Hollywood came to Lancaster to film "The Green Grass of Wyoming" :)

If your yoga pals have never been to Mount Pleasant, watch the weather for a nice day and come about an hour before sunset. people have been coming here for a hundred years. 

The girls I met n made em pet my puppy 



This is the web page I started for them http://mtpyoga.com/

If you have yoga events with in 25 miles of rising park you can post them in the group.. if you like the idea of having an annual yoga conference.. you guys might cook up something 🙂

Buckeye Lake yoga

Leibs Island: From Rising Park 


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